The Founder Father Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi, established WCSC in the year 1958. The primary aim is to attain “World Peace through Individual Peace”. To achieve this aim, Maharishi formulated Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY Yoga) and offered it as an education with practices for the uplift of mankind, in the name of ‘MANAVALAKALAI YOGA’. He evolved the SKY Yoga for holistic Health (Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social Health) and offered it to humanity in the form of Spiritual Education. He advocated Karma Yoga (duty consciousness and virtuosity) style of living.

In order to bring this great Science within the reach of everyone who is eager to learn it, he formulated a simplified method and introduced the same into academic world, and established VISION for Wisdom (Vethathiri Maharishi Institute for Spiritual and Intuitional Education) in the year 2004 as educational wing of WCSC.
It has blossomed into an academic institution of excellence, providing a platform to learn yoga for aspirants with varying needs and expectations. It offers courses from certificate level to the Ph.D. level through MoUprogrammes with 30 Universities including 1 University in abroad. The VISION courses viz., Yoga for Human Excellence and Yoga for Youth Empowerment, are two dimensions of the same course.

It unveils the secrets of nature through the Science of Divinity and anchors on the Self by conquering emotions and six temperaments through a process of purification, resulting in sublimation and thereby leading to realisation. They are supported by the Simplified Physical Exercises, meditation practices and the legendary practice of Kayakalpa Yoga for maintaining youthful exuberance.

VISION for Wisdom, has designed different types of formal courses (such as optional courses, Certificate, Diploma & Degree courses) in collaboration with State Universities and Informal Courses (like short term non-credit Training courses) sponsored by Government of Tamil Nadu to train and to bring awareness amongst school students, youth, , Teachers and Government Staff in Tamil Nadu along with Online Blended – Web based formal courses to reach International Community at large. A research project has been undertaken apart from M.Phil and Ph.Dprogramme on Yoga for Human Excellence.

SKY Yoga Education and practices are taught by over 180 WCSC Affiliated VISION training centers, functioning as Yoga and Spiritual Education centres along with 2400 SKY micro centres in India and Abroad.

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